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Run with the Wind is back!

GOOD NEWS! Run with the Wind is back, and so are Black Tip, Vickey, Old Sage Brush and their friends. Forced to flee from the Land of Sinna, the foxes encounter many adventures as they search for the secret of survival. Described as a wildlife winner for all ages, Run with the Wind has been enjoyed by generations of readers, one of whom told me, 'It is mine to wander in and wonder in.' It is now available to new generations to do the same and I hope they enjoy it.

RRP €8.99 epub €6.99 

MORE GOOD NEWS! A brand new fox book is on the way. I've written it for my grandchildren and called it Run for the Hills. There are some new and very colorful characters in the story, together  with some of those you have met in Run with the Wind. Work on it is well under way at O' Brien Press and it will be in the shops from October 3rd. For more information contact

As for my adventure books there is also more good news.The Legend of the Golden Key, The Legend of the Phantom Highwayman and The Legend of the Corrib King have been revised and updated!! The new editions have been published by Mercier Press and you can see the photographs of them on the next page. I think the covers are lovely and I hope you agree. 

I've written sixteen books altogether. Most of my novels are fictional but often revolve around actual historical events, such as the Irish Rebellion in 1798. My books have won five awards for literature including The White Ravens from the International Youth Library in Munich, the Reading Association of Ireland Award, the Irish Book Medal, the Bisto/Children's Book Trust Books of the Decade Award and the Oscar Wilde Society Literary Recognition Award.

A number of my books, including some in the fox series, have been translated into foreign languages including German, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, French, Dutch, Danish and Latvian. With the publication of Run for the Hills there will be seven in the fox series, the others being Run with the Wind, Run to Earth, Run Swift Run Free, Run to the Ark, Run to the Wild Wood and Run for Cover. 

Those interested in history and in United Nations peacekeeping operations, might like to know that my book on the massacre of nine Irish UN soldiers at Niemba in the Congo has been updated in a new edition. The Peacemakers of Niemba, which was researched in great detail, tells the story of the ambush in which the soldiers were killed by Baluba warriors in 1960. It also details events that preceded and followed the ambush, including the arrest and trial of several warriors for murder. This new edition of The Peacemakers of Niemba has gone into a second print run due to constant demand and can be ordered from the publisher post free from or from any bookshop.